Store files and their metadata completely in a PostgreSQL database. Expose a standard file system with the help of the FUSE API.


  • PostgreSQL 8.4 or newer
  • FUSE 2.6 or newer


Yes, I know what happens if you store files in a database (in respect to drop of efficiency and incremental backups for instance). :-)

Nevertheless, there are special situations, where a filesystem in a database is useful. With FUSE this is also rather simple to write.

The reason I wrote one was a project with lots of data on a ReiserFS (at least in 2001, this was), which was more or less immutable and should be efficiently stored away (almost in an archive mode). Backup is no issue here (as the files are more or less static after an initial load), but space efficiency is an issue.

Most other projects try to map an existing database structure somehow as files. This here should strictly deal withs files/dirs as the only available model.

Other projects


Stores a filesystem in Postgres, exposes it as a NFS server, rather old and I was unable to find the sources.


The blueprint I used and got inspired from. Does exactly the same for the MySQL database.

Also the block splitting algorithm I used more or less from this project.


The same for storing files in a Sqlite database.


Blueprint for some debugging code.


A Git repository is accessible at git:// (or at

In case of questions, if you want to supply a patch or if you want to collaborate on the project contact me via email.