Website done with StaticGen Hugo

Website done with StaticGen Hugo

Some years ago I decided to write my personal web page as a bunch of static HTML pages using only server-side includes to cope with the repetitive elements like footer, header, menus. When I installed a Wordpress just for the blog I intended to start, I thought: why can’t this be done statically too?

In fact, it can be done: the following web pages show an explosion of tools for static HTML site generation:

I decided to go with Hugo. The model is quite simple if you get your head around it. It has live reloading in the browser when you save the Markdown (or actually any file) in the text editor. It’s written in Go, so I don’t have to worry about 10'000 Ruby, Javascript, Perl, Python packages getting installed and breaking all the time. Go packs everything into a static binary and is blazingly fast. The idea with sections and types which can be templated, it is powerful enough to produce a site like mine. Even having an alternative theme for certain sections (like the slides) is easy to do.

I also replaced the old theme, which was not looking pretty on mobile devices with a standard Wordpress theme, mh-magazine-lite.

Find the source code of the whole page in my local git at